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May is Black Jester (not to be confused with the late Pryor, called the Court Jester or Jester of Black Comedy) History Month and the 29th Black Jester History Day. Only offer from here is 0% off on the BJ Hist. Sale.
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All Comedy, Art, and Work in General are my responsibility, as is my Website Content, putting no responsibility on Cafe Press or Fat Cow. Site and Shop owner is a US Constitutionalist and Individualist and supports the views expressed in US Constitution down to Article 10 of the BoR, and this includes intellectual rights and freedom for individuals including the fellows crying themselves to sleep as there commercial artists make millions off of their work and give them no royalties.

VIII-12-2005: Cafe Press is limiting payments in credit card, but this could change with comments from individuals, if enough occur. The printing hasn't dissappointed yet. As far as things I have seen so far.
XI-23-2006: Vancity's (Vancouver) Gift Visa, a Gift or Privacy Card. here's the Press Release; Also Money Mart Sells Prepaid Credit Cards. If it helps.
Also: Western Union Prepaid MasterCard (Money Mart May Be Selling This One) - Apply Online for the IMPACT Prepaid Visa Card - BuyRIGHT -- Prepaid MasterCard® - Prepaid Credit Net - A Guide to Prepaid Credit Cards, Debit, and Gift Cards - Prepaid Visa & Mastercard, No Employment Verification. No Credit Check. Apply Online.
VI-03-2006: Vancity's (Vancouver) Gift Visa, a Gift or Privacy Card. here's the Press Release

On Bulk and Reselling (cafepress), there is a bulk price at 15 units; so as long as (s&h at cost included) the regular price stays the same and product integrity remains, plus all intellectual property of the creator/artist of the product is respected, retail it in normal stores all I care; I am a great supporter of the old fashioned store front. The e-stuff is convienient for some, esp. if you need to put your art on shit; but it does not beat the personal social experience of getting fresh air and then choaking on recycled mall air in between. I prefer to buy things in a store myself (may only apply to store owmers). If you contact them and it doesn't apply to you, then feel free to charge up to a 5% handling fee, until this service allows non-credit payments. I'd recommend no more than 3%. (bulk price list may not include markups; just base, but are still up to 35% off 15 or more one product.) -- Int. Prop.
Cafe Press Return Policy (The Official Black Jester Web Site/Not that software company I am against.) stuff...
Majorwhorefarer's Shop/Mall. All Cafepress Addies have .ca,, and location/versions: [CAN] [STRALIA] [UK] - Anti-2010 Olympic Parodies. - Another Major Whoring Store, Printfection Test (Working on the features still.) - Buday's House of Capitalism (ZAZZLE).

Buday for Mayor in 2011
Draft Buday for Vancouver Centre (NeoRhino/Ind-Libertaria)
Making Write-In Campaigns Official In Canada
Support a Libertarian Nomination Contest In Vancouver-Centre?
A Guys Dream Lesbian, A 7th Day Valentine....
The Politics of The Tortoise and the Heir....
Was It Opus Gei?
Warrant Stuff.
2010 Olympics, As Much As They'll Let Me Parody.
"MUM's The Word." A reference to what I say about "management," and other TM job sleazers and what I say when I see a possible suspect, in this regard.
"Small Government's A Start."
"I'm With Stupid!"
Libertarian Party of Canada (LPC) [Unofficial]
BUday for Vancouver 2008
G. Dubya: Too Basic. What Would The Devil Program With?
Who Would Jesus Torture?
Olympics 2010 Parody!!!!
Suck My Eggs Babe!!!!
Testi Ballz/Balls D
Pod (iPod Parody: Body Snatcher)
Id's All In My Head
Is it a sign(s) of irresponsability?
Chicken Abortion Day?
Ambiguous Pride.
"M.A.I.D.: Mother's Against Idiot Drivers
Adsenseless Gear.
Just A Little Cross.
"I am not a doorman" and Heads.
Chrono Sword.
Cubist Nan(y Kinds).
The Geek League.
"The Holy Church Of The Seventh Day Strippist.™"; "If a woman also lie with womankind,.... All Cafepress Addies have .ca,, and location/versions: [CAN] [STRALIA] [UK]
The Holy Church of the Seventh Day Strippist. All Cafepress Addies have .ca,, and location/versions: [CAN] [STRALIA] [UK]
Super Ego!!!! Yeah I'm a hypospade and I am capitalizing off of it. All Cafepress Addies have .ca,, and location/versions: [CAN] [STRALIA] [UK]
[BJ] BJ Policy: I Check For I.D./Sprrrrm Power!
[BJ] Big Brothah Niggah Shop.....Duh Wanna-be Store...
BJ Site Easter Store
Gölök's [Art] Ja(y)ded Romance Series.
BJ Site Valentines [Int. Shiner Awareness Month-Day] Store
BJ Site Valentines [Emotional Blackmail Day] Store
BJ Site Merchandise
Buday for President 2040
Cafe Press: Make and Sell Attire and Stuff.
Set Up A Store Of Your Own Stuff and Intellectual Property.

Flashpress: Flash Cafe Press Store On Your Site (Program) - Flash Den.

Ron Paul Market
Ron Paul Market Affil.

120x120 Generic

Shirts Of Bamboo
Cedarwood Soap Bar
Wild Weeds Soap Bar
Black Bamboo Scarf

You Can Promote your Campaign with Custom T-Shirts
Design Custom Clothing Online
Custom Screen Printing Online

Place your designs on shirts and sell them,
now cafepress offers black apparell.
All of my Art and Comedy Is 100% Government Funding Free. No Grants or Corporate Bailouts for me.
CP: Shop: Politics
CP: Shop: Humor
CP: Shop: Art
CP: Shop: Geeks
CP: Shop: Dogs
CP: SHop: Pets
CP: Shop: Bumper Stickers
Unrelated (to TMET or cafe press sites....
Gölök's Art.
Gölök's Pastel Work.
Gölök's Wise Words and/or Quotations.
The Anti-England and Constitution Ribbon Store....Independence Day is fine, but Independence must be forever; The Revelutionary War didn't end in the late 1700s; now we just slack off....the guard needs to be up.
Cafe Press: Make and Sell Attire and Stuff.
Gölök's Art Supply, The Expresso Pen (one of them; a key one.).
Set Up A Store Of Your Own Stuff and Intellectual Property.
Quotable GIfts; Reminders for the Apathetic and Politicians; Words of Wisdom.

Buy or Create Hilarious T-shirts and more
Other Swag
Kinder Stuff -- Aletta (Buday) (Van Dongen) Mes.
Kinder Season -- Aletta Mes.
Aletta Paletta -- Aletta Mes.
'ID' Stuff -- Aletta Mes.
Dutch/Nederlander Gifties -- Aletta Mes.

Aletta Mes's Site.

Zoonar Zoonar - Fresh stock photos for designers and photographers!
Powered by Zoonar

Some various works of Zoltán Buday.
Some Things Fishy
Heart of my hearts.
Old Glory.
The Offcial Zoltán Buday Web Site.

National Lampoon: Buy It Or I Will Shoot This Dog Stuff.
National Lampoon: Heil Kitty
National Lampoon

T-shirtme Affiliate BJ Whoring Shop

DC United DC United MLS Scarf (Mostly Red) DC United Football Club Guinness Sponsored Goalkeeping Stuff AFC Ajax AC Milan Club Nederlands Club Nederlands Club Man U Club USA Football/Futbol Club Unites States EUFA Gear

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X-Arcade. Home Arcade Machine
Lets You Play Any Game On Any System

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Registry Clean
Oral Care Formula *Yeah seems granola, but the ingredients are sound.
Pain Relief Formula *Yeah seems granola, but the ingredients are sound.
Trusted Health
YourActivePet, Incorporated
Overcoat, etc....
Create Your Blog Today TypePad
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Xoom offers fast, reliable money transfers to all over the world at a great price from the convenience of your computer.
Some Laptop Giveaway....Inventory Tax Season I Am Guessing.
Wish List Pick.
Shopping at PETsMART
TMET Philosophy Book Store.
TMET Philosophy Film Store.
TMET Philosophy Film Store.
Rogue Tory: the Life and Legend of John G. Diefenbaker (Paperback) - [CAN]
Quotations from Chairman Zalm (Little Red Books) (Paperback) - [CAN]
TMET Philosophy/RPG V-Game Store.
Quotations from Chairman Zalm (Little Red Books) (Paperback) - [CAN]
The Changing Money At The Temple Store: Exploiting Religion As Christ Commands in Dillusians 4:111.
"it's happy bunny."
Kaput and Zösky

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Some Ethno-Centric Crap To Read.
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Dog Obedience Training
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My Uncle's by first marriage (hard to get) book, sure a blue beret, but he broke ranks:
Je komt anders terug: Aantekeningen uit het dagboek van een VN-waarnemer in Sarajevo en Kostajnica (sector Noord) by Gerard Wondergem (USA)

Roger Ramjet & TAWP
  1. Roger Ramjet - Hero of Our Nation (Deluxe Collector's Edition) DVD -- CAN -- More CAN
  2. Team America: World Police.

How To Benefit My Ungreatful Ass Further.
Here me "beg" and "rant" a bit shamelessly.
Animated Avatar
Animated Avatar
Some Other Shit.
Some Other Shit from the Not-so-Great Red North.
Featured Book: Why Can't I Remember?: Reversing Normal Memory Loss; MDr. Pavel Yutsis (MD), PhDr. Lynda Toth (PhD) [CAN] -- An interesting book, especially concerning things like MSG/HVP.
SCP Fast PDF Builder: PDF Converter PDF Editor PDF Pack Web Editor Pack
Flash Version: Could Be Pointless....But Cute.
Downloadable Version In Flash: Could Be Useless...But Cute..
My Relationship With Enix and Dragon Warrion (which they fucked up big time) is Bizzare and Dubious and I use the Merchant As An Example Of Myth, Legend and Possible Truth About Myself and possibly stolen intellectual property.

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